About the Site

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my website and blog. Think of this more than a place to discover the latest news pertaining to my work, but rather a portal into my twisted imagination and all the musings and ramblings that accompany it. As such, expect things to be a little on the informal side here, because I’d rather use this website to reach out to readers (prospective or otherwise), fans and the curious.

In particular, I want this to be my platform to explain concepts, answer reader questions and create a living, breathing extension of my world-building. I want this to be a place where you can learn about the characters, locations and events that shape my stories and maybe even hear from some of the characters in their own words. Most importantly though, I want this to feel like home to you, as it does to me. Consider this a website where we’re free to be ourselves, for better or worse. A place for our unfettered and unrestricted youthful imaginations to run wild and free.

The site itself will consist of several core pages. The front page will carry the most recent blog entries in chronological order as one might expect. There is a countdown timer to the release of my next novel, though take those numbers as a prediction. Being an independent author offers both opportunity and hassles and one of those hassles is projecting release dates. While I’m not inhibited by editorial mandates, I am at the mercy of my editor’s own schedule, not to mention the illustrator and typesetter. Yes, Virginia, publishing is an adventure!

I will be creating a character dossier page, broken down by novel. The first set of characters will represent my novel “The Unseen Kingdom” due out in time for Halloween. However, later this summer I will start furnishing more information on my current projects and will continue to update these projects as the year goes on. If there is reader demand, I may create discussion pages for each novel. The idea here would be to break down certain scenes or character motivations based on reader questions.

There will be a dedicated page for each of my books, complete with descriptions, reviews, and free samples to evaluate a portion of the book before buying. Multiple buy links will be available to major online retailers as they become available.

If you want to keep up with upcoming releases and such, I encourage you to join my mailing list. The sign-up is on the front page at the top of the right-hand column. I don’t expect to send our mailings more than twice a month at most, and I won’t give out your name to third-parties. I will do periodic giveaways to my list subscribers, as a little reward for joining. There is also a contact form if you’d like to ask me a question or to discuss something. You will also find social media links (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) at the bottom of most post, and at the bottom of the website. I would greatly appreciate you linking, friending or following me.

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