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A Young Daniel

A Young Daniel

An avid reader of science fiction, horror, and fantasy, Daniel R. Mathews is a novelist and nonfiction writer whose books feature LGBT youth braving danger with honor and dignity, including his personal memoir, The Demons of Plainville, and debut horror novel, The Unseen Kingdom.

For the past two decades, Mathews has worked as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified ground instructor, meteorologist, and a member of the web development and Internet technical support community. He currently lives in Flagstaff, Arizona.

I have spent the bulk of my life doing PHP & MySQL development, along with internet technical support. However, I’d always gravitated toward any excuse to write. It was only recently that dissatisfaction prompted me to make significant changes to my life and start a formal writing career. Please check out my memoir: ‘The Demons of Plainville: A Survivor’s Story of Storms and Reconstruction‘ to get a better understanding of where I’ve been and why I am compelled to write.

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