`The Academy` [Part 1]

A little background on this story first. ‘The Academy’ was originally intended to serve as the first chapter of ‘The Unseen Kingdom’ and was to serve as a ‘Cold Opening’ to the novel. However, I ended up cutting the chapter for several reasons. My first concern was the growing length of the chapter, to the point that I envisioned an entire novel (or novelette) could be written to detail the event described. This dovetailed into the other concerns since none of the main characters appear in the chapter, and finally it built more tension than I wanted to establish so early in the first act. However, as a standalone story this serves as a nice introduction to the concept of both the town of Plainville, and ‘The Unseen Kingdom’. I will stage this story as a series of parts leading up to Halloween. Since there are some minor potential spoilers, I probably won’t post the end until after Halloween.

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