Interview with Tommy Wilson From ‘The Unseen Kingdom’ (Reprint)

We’re thrilled to be talking to Tommy Wilson from Daniel R. Mathews, The Unseen Kingdom.  It is a pleasure to have him with us today at Pimp That Character! Thank you for your interview, Tommy. Can you tell us your story?

My name is Tommy Wilson, I’m almost fourteen-years-old and I live on Sutter Lane in the town of Plainville, Massachusetts. I’m a pretty normal kid I think. Well, mostly normal I guess. If you don’t count the ghost boys haunting my bedroom, the inter-dimensional portal at my bathroom door and the shelves of horror movies by my dresser. Don’t tell my mom, though, she’ll blame the portal on my horror movies. It’s complicated, you know?

My best friend in the whole world is Brian. And Kevin who lives next door is like my big ‘bro. And then there’s Carlos and Jacob that live on the other side of town. They are wicked cool and we all hang out together every weekend. Things were going pretty good until I saw this weird kid when I was on the school bus. He had really old clothes, like from 1985 or something!

Anyways, that’s when things started getting scary because he kept appearing to me, and then my other friends. Kevin had found this old parchment under his floorboards with like cult stuff on it, and that’s when things really started getting crazy. But, I shouldn’t say too much more. Daniel said if I give too many spoilers he’ll send me back to the book, so I better be good. There are some pretty crazy monsters in there! Although, I think they’re pretty sweet. Well, when they’re not eating the other kids I guess.

These weird kids that call themselves “The Unseen” start taking us to a place they call The Realm of Dreams and Darkness. It’s like an island with a huge, really weird, twisted city in the middle of it. I’m pretty sure the city was once under the ocean. At the center of the city, high on the big hill, there is this huge black cathedral. That’s where HE calls to us. That’s where we belong with HIM. I guess if you want to know more about the story, you’ll need to read about us in The Unseen Kingdom!

Where do you go when you are angry?


Well, I don’t get wicked mad that often, but sometimes I’ll go into my room and shut the door, and just turn up the music. When I want to be alone, I’ll go out for a walk in the swamp.


What is your most treasured possession?

Oh, that’s a tough one! It used to be a tossup between my Xbox-360 and my Blu-Ray DVD collection of the Halloween franchise. But a friend gave me this really cool gold amulet with an emerald eye, it’s a symbol of Yog-Sothoth. I also got this really cool sacrificial dagger from a new friend in R’lyeh. I guess that was more than one, sorry. Don’t tell my mom about the dagger please!


What is your greatest fear?

I guess I’m most afraid that Brian doesn’t feel the same about me, as I do him.


What is the trait you most not like about yourself?

Sometimes I’m too much of a chicken. Dad says I need to stick up for myself more, but my math teacher Mr. Mitchell says that I don’t give myself enough credit. I guess I need to learn to say how I feel and don’t keep it inside. I think dad calls it “being assertive.”


Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?

Oh, that’s a wicked tough question! Because if I answer wrong he’ll send me back to the book. Kidding aside, I think Mr. Mathews did a pretty darn good job. I mean, he could have made me more buff and cool. But I got a lot of great friends, parents who love me and one heck of an adventure that any boy would love! Well, if anyone survives it. I do wish he gave me martial arts skills. Now that would have been sweet!


What is your idea of a perfect day?

The perfect day is hanging out with all my friends, going out for breakfast in the morning, then going out to see the latest horror movie in the theater. After that, we’d go hang out at the arcade and cruise the mall while we do some window shopping. I don’t think it gets much better than that.


Are you a loner or do you prefer to surround yourself with friends?

If I’m not with my mom and dad, then I prefer to be with my friends, especially Brian of course! I mean, I guess there’re times I want some alone time, but I’m happiest when I’m with people I care about.


Do you like to cook?  If so, what is your favorite thing to cook?

I would like to cook more, but after the Rice Krispy disaster of 2014, Mom doesn’t like me hanging around the oven without a lot of supervision. The good news is I now am able to make Rice Krispy treats without getting marshmallow on the ceiling or starting any fires!


If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

I would tell Brian that I love him and want him to be my boyfriend. Wait, nobody else is going to see this right? Well, it doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s time I told him anyways.

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