Upcoming Projects

My debut Horror novel entitled ‘The Unseen Kingdom’ is scheduled for release in time for Halloween this year. I’m very excited about this book, and it has been a long time in the waiting. The writing on the project is complete, and the manuscript is currently being edited, but that process is expected to take several more months. The illustrated cover is already complete, and I’ll be sharing that with you soon. The novel takes place over the course of seven days, leading up to Halloween night. Thus, hopefully, it will be the ideal twisted and gory tale that blends the joys of trick-or-treating with ravenous creatures, blood-thirsty cultists, and the apocalypse. I’m not going into full details just yet, but if you’re a fan of ‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’ then you’re probably going to enjoy this book. I will be posting the full description soon, along with a discussion about my inspirations for the novel.

My current Fantasy project in progress is tentatively titled ‘The Druidic Chronicles’ and focuses on the exploits and adventures of a small group of friends in the island state of Eastshire. The primary character is a lonely young Druid, who joins forces with a young Master Warlock and soon the sparks and magic fly. However, before the two boys can bond, Eastshire is besieged by destructive storms and ravenous giant spiders. It becomes a race against time for Tobiath and his new group of friends and allies to unravel the mystery before darkness overtakes the Empire. This story means a lot to me because it’s an opportunity to explore the healing power of friendship and love while delving into the destructive nature of vengeance, grief, and guilt. I will be giving updates on my progress and will share some of the writing with you later this summer. My plan is to have this manuscript ready for editing later this summer, with a release date just after the New Year with a little luck.

I have two other projects in development, and will share those details with you closer to Halloween. If you want to keep abreast of the latest development and news, please sign-up for the newsletter and my Twitter and Facebook feeds!

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