The Magic of the Winter Season

As flakes of snow swirl about the silent, frozen landscape and icicles grow upon the eaves of our homes, a certain magic is released. Watch the smooth, pristine blanket of glistening crystals form graceful serpentine shapes as the wind blows across the terrain. Curtains of snow cascade down from the evergreens, a veritable sea of white waterfalls that pile into shifting drifts. There is a profound solitude when you stand outside during a snowfall. Whether you live in the inner city or a rural community, a fresh snowfall alters the environment. A layer of beauty replaces the decay of late Autumn that dampens sound and disguises the trappings of civilization.

If you grew up in the temperate regions of the world where snow is common, as a child, you likely experienced the wonder and magic that snowfall brings. Losing touch with those feelings as an adult is easy. As we grow older, we quickly equate snow with travel delays, automobile accidents and the burden of shoveling out our homes and cars. However, if you stand in the open and push all those grownup concerns from your mind, I’m willing to bet that childhood magic will return.

Close your eyes for just a moment and feel the chill of the winter breeze and the sting of snowflakes touching your warm flesh. Now open your eyes and listen to the muted sounds provided by the fresh snowfall. Open your mouth and catch one of the falling flakes with your tongue and tell me that you don’t feel just a little bit of that childhood magic returning. Snowfall brings a quiet, refined beauty and excites the imagination. Just watch any kid and you’ll see the smile cross their face when the snow begins. It’s more than just the prospect of school cancellations, children are uniquely attuned to embrace the wonder of the winter season that the burden of adulthood has caused many of us to forget.

There’s something a little more than just beauty and silence that snowfall brings. I think there’s a measure of hope that springs from these feelings and for just a few moments, we forget our concerns and responsibilities.  Make a snowball, build a snowman or just take a walk during a snowfall and recapture the magic of the winter season. And if you’re a parent, be sure to share this magic together with your child because the memories you make will last a lifetime.

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